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Ribbons & Gifts
Each time you post replies, start threads, spread reputation points, or when others reply to your threads you will accumulate points. These points earned can be spent buying ribbons and gifts. You can find how many points you have in your profile. (If you do not have enough points you cannot even get into the store) There is also an option there to Donate points to another person. If you choose to donate some points, click on donate and follow the steps. There is a fee for donating points, although the fee varies for everyone, it is a small fee. (Of course the fee is taken from your points) Ribbons can be purchased with your points for yourself and will be displayed each time you post. You are able to send gifts to other people with your points but cannot purchase gifts for yourself. The gifts will be displayed under their name each time they post. Only up to 20 gifts can be seen under your name on each post. You can rotate your gifts that are shown under your USER CP.

Everyone will have different prices for ribbons and gifts and Username Change based on how long you have been a member of the forum, etc.

Ribbons - – You may purchase a ribbon with your points to be displayed under your name each time you post. The ribbons mean different things and there are 27 to choose from.

Click here to see all of the ribbons before buying.

Gifts – Gifts can be sent to a fellow person as a way to show your appreciation, friendship, congrats, etc. By clicking on Gifts and following the menu you can choose from a large variety of gifts to be sent. These gifts will show up each time the person posts. You can type a message when you send the gift that will be displayed each time you hover your mouse over the gift on the user’s post.

Click here to see all of the gifts before buying.

Reputation Points
By clicking on the gray (or green) scale in the bottom left hand corner of someone’s post you can compliment the poster with good karma. Be sure and leave a message with your name so the recipient knows who sent them the good karma. This adds points to their reputation. These points are not taken away from you in any way. You can only give out so many karma points per day (24 hour period). The amount of times you can hand out karma in a 24 hour period is 20 until you get a message saying you have given out too much karma and have to wait 24 hours. Just as you are able to give reputation points by spreading karma, others may give you reputation points. You can check your recent karma messages under your User CP. (There is a quick link to your User CP at the top of the web page) It will only show you messages from your 20 most recent karma received. Here you can also see how many karma points you have. When you post, a green square is shown under your amount of posts. As karma is sent your way and you accumulate points, the amount of green squares will go up. If you hover over green squares it displays different “sayings” that will change as your points go up as well.

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